This cookie lifestyle is based off the idea that the reason most diets fail is simply because people starve themselves, get hungry, and overeat. Even if the person who is dieting is the most motivated person in the world to shed fat, he or she is likely to give in to the hunger pains; really most people are not able to manage weight loss when they are constantly hungry.

So where does this crazy cookie diet come in? Although it may sound crazy and funny, the main purpose is to curb those strong hunger pains. Because of the special amino acids that Dr Seigals cookies have, they supposedly will help you to lose weight by making those strong appetite urges go away.

Does it Really Work?

That depends. What do I mean by that? How you utilize the diet. The main purpose behind the diet is to curb your appetite, the cookie diet is a healthy eating plan that will help you to do this. Having to constantly watch my weight with additional pounds to lose myself, I understand how difficult it can be to lose weight. I am always looking for ways to shred those nagging pounds that seem to never go away no matter what I am doing.

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