Laughter and humor have been proven on many levels to be a very effective and powerful tool for self healing.

A saying that’s often been used is that laughter is the best medicine.

A great example of this is Norman Cousins. Cousins suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, a rare degenerative disease of the connective tissues that causes the breakdown of collagen.

In 1965, hospitalized, almost completely paralyzed and given just a few months to live, he checked himself out of hospital, and moved into a small hotel room and started his journey of self recovery.

Through high doses of vitamin C and continuous watching of humorous films and TV shows such as Candid Camera and the Marx Brothers his condition slowly improved until such time as he regained full use of his limbs and returned to full-time work.

How and why did this actually happen? Is it really possible to laugh your way back to health?

Well within the medical profession it is now commonly observed that when we laugh, we release natural feel good chemicals called endorphins that help promote a greater sense of well-being and an increased state of relaxation.

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